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PVDNET® is a web-based application that incorporates the Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer functions in one integrated property tax management system.  This integrated system eliminates the possibility of redundant data resulting from entering data into multiple databases and it enables the Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer offices to share the same data with each office.

Our Back-Office Business and Technology expertise is the major driver for our delivery of Products and Services to County and State Governments and Utilities. In Indiana and Kentucky, our Business and Technology practitioners are specialists in critical business segments and disciplines where our clients are experiencing challenges and reduced budgets. We have an outstanding team of business and technology professionals who specialize in Utility Billing, County Tax Billing, Network and Helpdesk, IT Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Software Tools, Business Processes and Tax Sale Services. We know that our client's business needs are focused in these areas and we are confident that we can deliver the required level of service that they demand and deserve.


GUTS provides access to best-business-practices, quality services, and we are committed to expanding and evolving with the needs of the Government and Utility market segments. We have the experience and commitment required to provide outstanding resources tailored to our customer’s individual requirements. Our business partners are professionals in Banking, Customer Relationship Management, Revenue Management and Software Development. Throughout this site, we highlight our available service capabilities.

Our Mission

At GUTS our mission is to become
"A world class provider of technology services with a
focus on customer service for Government and Utilities."

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Eric Goodnight
Government Utilities Technology Service, Inc.